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Cotton Grande Dual 12

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Cotton Grande Dual 12 of the Toscana collection is dedicated to those seeking relaxation while also being respectful of the environment. Cotton Grande Dual 12 offers an all-natural comfort and firm support at 12” of height. The GOTS certification issued by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification is proof that the fabric used in the cover is made of certified organic materials.

Comfort Level

Medium Soft, Super Soft


12 Inches


Memoform, Magnifoam Eliosoft, Magnifoam Elioform


20 Years

A. The Cover

The organic cotton cover, which is removable and easy to dry-clean, is cool and soft to the touch and guarantees maximum breathability. The special 3D band around the perimeter ensures greater breathability, resulting in a fresh night’s sleep.

B. Padding

The Memoform foam adapts to the shape of the body in the most natural way. The super soft fiber offers added softness and comfort with great breathability.

C. Comfort level

The Dual Core technology makes it possible to experience 2 different comfort levels by simply flipping the cores of the mattress. The “Super Soft” side offers a cozy and plush comfort, due to its layer in Mallow foam (1″) and Memoform (2″), while the “Medium Soft” side offers an anatomical yet cozy support for the body, due to the layer in Ecogreen.

D. Base layer

The middle layer in Elioform (8″) is enriched with essential oils and offers balanced support to your back. Due to its composition, it ensures the perfect alignment of the shoulders, back and limbs.

Eco-friendly sleep

The balance between technology and nature, and the perfect harmony for optimal sleep. The Toscana collection was designed to provide a eco-friendly comfort with nature in mind.

Elements in perfect harmony

The use of natural materials provides the Toscana line with remarkably relaxing properties. The Geomemory foam helps regenerate the body while you’re asleep, and the essential oils contained in the Ecogreen support foam are precious allies to ensure total relaxation.

The cover in organic cotton is pleasant to the touch, and features the GOTS-certification, proof that the fabrics are manufactured in the respect to you, your family and the environment.

Different comfort levels for couples

The mattresses of the Toscana line ensure an optimal sleep, even for two people sharing the bed. With the Dual Core technology, each partner can choose the comfort level that best suits their individual needs.

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