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How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Before you start moving furniture around or loading it into your house, we recommend sketching a layout first. This will help you see what the end product will look like and it will help guide your arrangement process. You’ll also want to measure all furniture dimensions to make sure they will fit in the spaces you wish to move them in. Once you have everything measured, here are some ideas on how to arrange your living room furniture.

Create walkways.

There’s nothing more awkward than trying to navigate a cluttered living room in the middle of a conversation. You don’t want to make your guests walk over tables, squeeze by couches or trip over the corner of a bookshelf. That’s why it’s important to create walkways so that you can walk easily and comfortably through your living room.

Leave space between the walls and furniture.

Instead of pushing your furniture against the walls, try moving them a foot or so away. Add some lighting or a narrow table behind. If you use a table, you can place picture frames or small decorative vases on it. This will create an illusion of space and make your living room look and feel bigger. It will also create a space to set a drink on. If you have a small room, try using a couch with exposed legs. This will help open your room up more. Shop our many styles of couches.

Position seats appropriately.

The seating of your living room furniture should appear open and inviting. Avoid having chairs or couches that face away from the entrance of the room. Distance the seats within a conversation’s reach (typically 4-6 feet). Be aware of the position of surfaces around the seats. For example, create enough space between the couch and the coffee table and be sure that the height of the table is appropriate for the height of the seating.

Have a focal point.

Whether it’s an entertainment center or a fireplace, create a focal point of your living room to arrange your furniture around. Draw attention to your focal point by adding shelves, side tables, lights or plants around it. Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little bit and use a nontraditional focal point like a mirror, a large piece of art or window. Most importantly make your living room your own and let your personality shine through it.

If you’re still having trouble deciding how you want to arrange your living room furniture set, you can use virtual room organizing tools online. Get one of a kind living room furniture in Eugene at West Avenue Furniture! All of our living room furniture and bedroom furniture are handmade in America with high quality hardwood. We’ll even deliver right to your home! Shop online today.