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X-YoYo Active Stool



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Product Description

Need more support in your less than traditional workspace? Meet X-YoYo, the first model available in the new X-Chair Active-X seating collection.

Norwegian Designed Floating Pitch™
Renowned Norwegian industrial designer Svein Asbjørnsen developed the breakthrough Floating Pitch™ mechanism in order to enable users to effortlessly float their spine into its natural posture, thereby increasing blood flow and reducing muscle fatigue.
Sit or Stand Comfortably
With a 10.75″ height adjustment range, and the auto-return Ergo-Saddle™, you can comfortably use X-Yoyo at your workstation, be it a traditional desk, or a height-adjustable table.
Minimal Adjustments
Simple and Intuitive – due to the automatic functionality of the Floating Pitch™ mechanism, the only manual adjustment needed on X-Yoyo is for height. Sit comfortably and in a posture-enhancing, ergonomically correct position, without having to make manual adjustments.
Sit Healthier
Stimulating and relaxing, active seating has been proven to improve concentration and productivity. X-Yoyo features a smooth rubber spring system that silently encourages free movement without making a sound.
  • Height Adjustable Range of 22.5″ – 33.25″
  • Stretch knit wrapped ergo-saddle™
  • Patented Norwegian designed floating pitch™ mechanism
  • 360° swivel, tilting and auto-return


Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 34 in