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X-Table Mobile Height-Adjustable Desk/Table


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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 19 × 41 in

Product description

We believe that constant movement is one of the key factors to staying comfortable, productive, and happy. The X-Table Mobile Height-Adjustable Desk will help to achieve part of this goal by allowing you to spend a portion of your day standing while you work.

Effortlessly adjust the height of the X-Table from 28” to 41”. The smooth action of the arm provides plenty of legroom for individuals 4’11” tall and up to 6’11”.
iPad Holder
The X-Table comes fitted with an iPad holder freeing up additional space on the tabletop for more items. It fits the regular-sized iPad, iPad Air, and/or iPad mini.
Locking Casters
The X-Table casters are fully lockable. Allowing you to keep your laptop, monitor, and other work valuables safe while being stationary.